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Cast out in a ‘Fortnite’ type vibrant cartoon environment, 1v1.LOL pulls you in with unique game modes and intuitive controls. This battle royale game certainly gives the player a smooth shooting while building experience with a hefty amount of competitiveness. All in all the game is one of, if not the best browser based third person battle royale shooters.

How to play 1v1.LOL?

Starting off with your standard battle royale mode (2v2), you have to blast and build your way through enemies to be the last person to survive, or you could try and remain hidden until the very last fight too.. You’ll get to choose from various types of guns that are compatible with your game style. And if the standard battle royal mode is too ‘basic’ for you, 1v1.LOL introduces numerous modes for you to enjoy, such as:

  • 1v1 battles
  • practice modes like free building zombies and an aim trainer
  • box 2v2 battles
  • farm battles

The game gives off much creativity as these unique modes will ensure that you will have a good time without feeling bored.

Although the game thrives on competitiveness, it gives out clear instructions and the controls are easy enough to get used to in no time. Stranded out in a random eye-catching map, filled with excitement as players battle for survival, the game is positively worth your time.

The game is compatible with both PC and Mobile devices although it is recommended to play on PC for the smoothest gaming experience.

What are the controls for 1v1.LOL?

  • When playing with your PC, use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move the character. Use the ‘R’ key to reload weapons and left mouse click to shoot and build. You can also crouch by pressing the ‘shift’ key and jump by clicking the ‘Space bar’. You can also press ‘Z, X, C, V’ keys to switch building platforms and press ‘1 or 2’ to change weapons.
  • When playing on your mobile device, the game introduces many buttons in the UI for you to control, such as the analog stick to move, shoot button, reload button, build button, etc.


  • A Smooth gaming experience
  • Great for players of all ages
  • Vibrant environment
  • Various skins and modes to keep you playing for ages
  • Competitive gameplay

March 2023

Lior Alterman

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