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Agario is a fascinating online game that users of all ages will love. Today, the world of browser games is full of variety. But, among the many options presented, it is so hard to find a truly high-quality activity to which you will want to return. If you also faced this problem, it's time to pay attention to Agario. This game is notable for its simplicity and lack of flashy graphic effects. It is a representative of the classic design, which will be very helpful for people who are nostalgic for the games of their childhood. You must reincarnate as a bacteria and eat others to become the biggest. On the way to the goal, the character faces many obstacles, tries to survive, and finds many unexpected plot twists. Can you make it into the top ten players?

How to play Agario

In Agario, there are only two things you must care about: your food and your safety. But it's not that easy. You can only eat bacteria that are smaller than you. And it's not so easy, because they will try to escape. And the speed of small bacteria is very impressive. Also, you have to watch out for enemies. In the world of living organisms, some bacteria and cells are much bigger than you. And they will try to eat you for dinner. To hunt, you can use not only the pressure on those who are weaker, but you can also corral them. Once saturated and turned into an alpha bacterium, you will be attacked more often and in larger packs. Enemies will try to attack you with viruses and corner you in droves. But don't despair; you can shoot back with deadly diseases!


  • It's possible to play with friends on the same team.
  • Register and save your achievements.
  • Available online as well as on smartphones with different operating systems.
  • The game can be expanded to full screen.

March 2023


Cross platform