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Apes.io is a fast-paced multiplayer browser game where you step into the wild world of apes. Engage in fierce battles with other players, utilizing quick reflexes and strategic thinking to dominate the jungle. With its unique intense gameplay and graphical style, Apes.io offers an exhilarating experience for action battle royale enthusiasts.

How to play Apes.io?

In Apes.io, you dive into a thrilling battle royale experience where you control a powerful ape fighting to be the last one standing. At the start, you spawn on a dynamic map filled with various weapons, power-ups, and obstacles. Your goal is to eliminate other players while avoiding being eliminated yourself. The map gradually shrinks, forcing players into closer encounters.

Collect items to enhance your abilities and use the environment to your advantage for cover and ambushes. Gather ancient artifacts and create unique magical weapons. Uncover powerful spells, forge mystical wands, and rise to become the mightiest ape on the island!

What are the controls for Apes.io?

  • WASD: Move around
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button / V: Aim down sights
  • Hold Shift: Roll
  • Space: Jump/Climb
  • E: Pick Up Items
  • Tab: Open Inventory and Craft Wands
  • M: Open Map
  • R: Reload
  • Q / 1 / 2: Switch Wands
  • 0: Force High-Quality Rendering


  • Real-time multiplayer big monkey action
  • Battle royale survival mechanics
  • Collectible items to grow your ape
  • Dynamic leaderboard to track your progress

Release date

August 2022


Apes Games Studio



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