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Cannon Balls 3D

Cannon Balls 3D is a physics-based shooter in which you’re tasked with toppling over blocks of various shapes, sizes, and materials stacked atop the tables with well-placed shots. To complete each level you must destroy 5 different structures with a limited amount of cannonballs, and finally get loose and wreck the 6th composition with unlimited ammo.

The music and sound effects in this game are mind-soothing, the gameplay is brain-stimulating, and you’ll face unique challenges in each of the levels. You must think of creative ways to compromise the structural integrity of the block-made buildings with the fewest shots possible. The blocks come in various shapes and are made from different materials, such as wood, glass, or concrete. The exact composition greatly affects their behavior once struck with a cannonball.

How to play Cannon Balls 3D

To use the limited number of cannonballs efficiently, it’s usually best to shoot at junctions where multiple blocks meet. Optimally, you want to hit the lower levels of a structure to induce a domino effect and let the laws of physics do the work for you, knocking over the blocks at higher elevations.

Take a moment to analyze the building and try to pinpoint the weak spots before you start blasting. Shooting at the occasional TNT block first is always a good idea, but in all other cases, you shouldn’t rush. Wait for a bit after each bang and reassess the positions of the remaining blocks.

What are the controls for Cannon Balls 3D?

You can play Cannon Balls 3D on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the sweet spot to fire the cannon and knock over block structures.


  • An incredible physics-based shooter
  • Brain-stimulating gameplay
  • Unique challenges at each level
  • Soothing music and enjoyable graphics

Release date

January 2022




All devices

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