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CS Online (CS 1.6)


CS Online (CS 1.6)

CS Online (CS 1.6) will not leave fans of shooters indifferent, as it is a classic of its genre. Proof of this are the millions of people who prefer CS Online (CS 1.6) instead of other options. And this is not strange because the version of this game is very similar to its well-known predecessor. Surely, you played CS in childhood. The current version carefully preserved the functionality and design of the game. The difference is that now you have the opportunity to play online, which involves the expansion of the maps and the ability to interact with other people around the world. By the way, CS Online (CS 1.6) is developed by fans, and believe us, these people know what fun is!

How to play CS Online (CS 1.6)

Your task is to move around the map and kill enemies. To do this, you will be given a weapon. At the initial stage of the game, it will be fairly simple. You will have a gun and a special knife. Thus, you will be able to defend yourself both in close and ranged combat. However, always be careful. Enemies can hide behind every corner and appear at the most unexpected moments. But that's the beauty of the game: you can't predict its outcome because you are fighting with humans instead of algorithms. Besides, you will get a reward for each defeated enemy that you can spend to purchase even deadlier weapons. Try to win CS Online (CS 1.6) at any cost!


  • Several classic locations are taken from the original version of the game.
  • Well-known design that will make any fan of the game nostalgic.
  • Ability to compete with people from all over the world.

March 2023


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