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Dunk Shot


Dunk Shot

Start dunking with Dunk Shot — it’s a super addictive game where you must score as many baskets as possible with the free-falling basketball. You’ll earn points for every successful basket, and as you progress further, you will unlock new skins and balls so that you can score in style. 

The goal is to dunk as many baskets as possible and reach the top of the leaderboard. If you miss your shot, you’ll have to start again. The more baskets you score, the harder the game will get. The real pros will get extra points for scoring without touching the rims.

How To Play Dunk Shot?

Simply use your mouse to aim the ball, which is highlighted by a “drag it” sign. As you score higher and earn coins, you can use them to purchase new basketball skins. You can also try “challenges” for more difficult game modes.

You receive points every time you score a basket. If you score more than five points with a single throw, you receive additional points known as an “explosion.” The goal of this game is to test your aim, trying to reach as far as possible. You can also play it on your Apple or Android smartphone.

What Are The Controls For Dunk Shot?

To score a basket, hold the left mouse button to drag the ball, take aim, and then release it to shoot the ball. You just need to tap, hold and release to shoot the ball on your smartphone.



  • Aim-and-shoot basketball arcade game
  • Various game modes
  • A huge collection of unlockable basketballs
  • Free gift to earn stars 

March 2023


Cross platform