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Ferge.io is a first-person shooter PVP game that offers a wide range of weapons to help you dominate your opponents.

How to play Ferge.io?

Eliminate enemies and collect coins to buy hats, guns, and climb the leaderboard. The goal is to navigate the map, defeating as many adversaries as possible to earn money. You can then use this currency to acquire gear and weapons for your character. Additionally, there's a wheel of fortune where you can win extra money. Jump into the action and clear the map!

While most competitive arenas depict combat with a semi-realistic approach, some opt for a more whimsical, cartoonish style. Ferge.io strikes a balance between the two, merging vibrant environmental design with authentic weaponry. Battles unfold in park-like settings and recreational areas, creating an intriguing contrast that works remarkably well.

What are the controls for Ferge.io?

  • WASD: movement controls
  • Move mouse: change viewing direction
  • Left-click: fire weapon
  • Right-click: precision aiming
  • Tab: display leaderboard
  • R: reload ammunition
  • Space: perform a jump
  • Esc: return to main screen


  • First-person shooter PVP gameplay
  • Wide variety of weapons
  • Coin collection for purchasing gear and upgrades
  • Dynamic leaderboard system
  • Wheel of fortune for bonus rewards
  • Unique blend of vibrant environments and realistic weaponry
  • Intuitive controls for movement, aiming, and shooting
  • Park-like settings and recreational battle areas

Release date

June 2021





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