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Free The Key

Free The Key is a cleverly designed 2D block-moving puzzle game featuring 40 challenging levels that allows you to exercise your grey cells in a fun, entertaining way. The objective is to clear the way for a 2-tile key token and slide it through the hatch on a 6-by-6 board. There are many stone blocks stacked on the board obstructing your path, and you must figure out the correct method to rearrange them.

The tricky part is that the blocks can move either horizontally or vertically, according to their orientation. You can move horizontal stone slabs left or right, and vertical ones up or down. If you enjoy playing games that will improve your problem-solving abilities, you’ve stumbled upon a real gem!

How to play Free The Key

Before making any moves, take your time to analyze the puzzle you’re tasked with solving. It’s essential to figure out on which side of the board you want to move the blocks that are obstructing your path to victory. 

When you know in which direction you must move the stone slab, it’s time to look at the adjacent blocks. This method will often lead to a chain reaction, meaning you must make several moves before bringing your initial idea to life. The good thing about it is that you’re certainly following the right path, and all that remains is the proper execution and finesse. 

What are the controls for Free The Key?

You can play Free The Key on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the block you want to move, then hold and drag to slide it across the board.


  • An incredible 2D block-moving puzzle game
  • Up to 40 challenging levels to complete
  • A highly entertaining problem-solving exercise

Release date

July 2021




All devices

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