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Gladihoppers is an extraordinary 2D platform game featuring striking graphics, plenty of uniquely designed levels, and challenging yet entertaining gameplay. The goal of each stage is looting the treasure chest at the very end of it, but it’s not an easy feat getting there. To clear the way toward the bounty, you must first eliminate all the opponents scattered across the map within a limited amount of moves.

Plan your hops carefully and collect coins throughout the map to gain bonus stars and pass levels with flying colors. This awesome game may seem quite simple at a glance, but as we all know — looks can be deceiving!

How to play Gladihoppers

Your character will gain the most elevation when the jump is initiated from a solid platform. You can adjust your character’s trajectory mid-air, but you won’t be able to cover much distance vertically without a proper footing. 

The game plays out in slow motion while you’re controlling the character’s movement, so ensure to use this mechanic to your advantage. While mid-jump adjustments are fairly inefficient when it comes to gaining elevation, they work pretty well when you’re trying to nudge your character left or right.

To eliminate the NPC adversaries, it’s enough to merely touch them. You should primarily focus on figuring out the optimal route to avoid backtracking and losing precious moves.

What are the controls for Gladihoppers?

You can play Gladihoppers on both mobile and PC devices alike, but this awesome game feels much better on a touchscreen device. Tap or click, then hold and drag, and finally release to propel your character in the direction opposite of the swiping motion.


  • An extraordinary 2D platform hopping game
  • Limited amount of moves to complete each level
  • Deceivingly simple and addictive gameplay

Release date

June 2021


Education kid gaming


All devices

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