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Game Hungry Shark preview
Game Hungry Shark preview

Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark

Theatre mode
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Hungry Shark

Down in the deep blue sea, the Hungry Shark with an insatiable appetite is on the hunt for the shiny little fish. The baby shark is grinning cheerfully and seems to enjoy its role as an apex predator. The smaller fish in the sea aren’t so happy about their position in the food chain. They’re stunned, and not very agile, making them easy prey for the skilled hunter.

Enjoy the endless laid-back gameplay and devour as many fish as possible to improve your best score. Just be careful not to bump into the edges of your screen because each bang will result in a loss of 1 of 5 lives available.

How to play Hungry Shark

The gameplay is quite simple and relaxing, but it isn’t at all easy. You must always remain focused and avoid hitting the edges of your screen. If you stop inputting the controls, the shark naturally submerges deeper, so you must keep moving.

At any given moment, there are three fishes available to feast on. Each time you catch one, another instantly spawns in a different spot. Always try to catch the fish that are positioned further away from the edges first.

Once you’ve learned how to move skillfully, attempt catching the ones near the edges without losing a life. The best way to do this safely is by moving in small circles and slowly getting closer to your prey.

What are the controls for Hungry Shark?

You can play Hungry Shark on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click, then hold to choose the direction to swim towards. You can also hold and drag to guide the shark more precisely.


  • A cute smiling shark is on the hunt 
  • Casual and relaxing 2D arcade game
  • Colorful, cartoonish graphics and simple controls

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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