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Game Immaculate Grid preview
Game Immaculate Grid preview

Immaculate Grid

Immaculate Grid

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Immaculate Grid

Immaculate Grid is a daily trivia game specifically tailored for Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. Each day it challenges players' knowledge of MLB history and statistics through a fixed 3x3 grid format puzzle. Each grid tests your ability to connect MLB players with specific criteria such as achievements, team affiliations, or statistical milestones.

How to play Immaculate Grid?

Every day starts with a unique puzzle with the game presenting a new 3x3 grid where each row and column includes clues about MLB players. These might relate to team history, specific season achievements, or career milestones. You have exactly nine guesses to correctly fill in the grid with the names of the players who match the given clues. Successfully completing the grid within these guesses results in a win, which you can share on social media. A wrong guess or exhausting all attempts means a loss, but a new grid awaits the next day.

What are the controls for Immaculate Grid?

To interact with Immaculate Grid, click or tap on a grid cell to activate it, then type in the name of the player you believe matches the clue for that cell. Press enter to submit your guess.


  • Daily MLB Challenges: A new puzzle every day that challenges your knowledge of MLB history and player statistics.
  • Focused Format: Consistently utilizes a 3x3 grid, making it a familiar yet challenging experience for returning players.
  • Educational and Fun: Learn more about MLB players' careers and achievements as you solve the grids.

Release date

May 2024




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