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Game MineEnergy.fun preview
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MineEnergy.fun is an online multiplayer Minecraft-inspired 2D ore-mining tycoon simulation that plays as the good old 4X games — explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. Jumping straight into action is made easy, but there’s quite a learning curve if you want to optimize all the operations and become the ultimate mining lord on the server.

Mine for resources, build power generators, walls, and Tesla coils to protect your mining company, and buy improved tools, armor, and automated production facilities. There are ores to extract, both using a pickaxe or automatically and to get to the more profitable ones, you must patiently build the empire and upgrade the techs available.

How to play MineEnergy.fun

At the very beginning, you’re carrying a humble wooden pickaxe, that can only extract coal and iron. The next upgrade in line is an iron pickaxe, which can extract gold, and the best one available is made from diamonds. You don’t even have to dig for ores manually but purchase automated Miners from the Shop.

Building a successful empire fully depends on your willingness to learn. Fortunately, all the items, buildings, and additional resources are concisely explained via tooltips in the Shop. Spend some time reading all about them, and only then you’ll be able to devise the optimal strategy.

What are the controls for MineEnergy.fun?

MineEnergy.fun is undergoing mobile optimization and currently doesn’t run smoothly on the mobile web. Currently, we highly recommend playing this awesome mining game in a PC browser. Use the WASD keys to move, the Left Shift key to sprint, and the E key to enter the Shop. Use the left mouse button to place buildings, swing a pickaxe, extract ore, and explore additional game menus.


  • An online multiplayer 2D ore-extracting simulation
  • Minecraft-inspired graphics and immersive gameplay
  • Extensive micro and macro management
  • Plenty of tool and armor improvements
  • Automated miners and power generators

Release date

September 2022





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