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Game Password Game preview

Password Game

Password Game

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8.9(36 votes)

Password Game

The Password Game is a puzzle game that tests your creativity and patience as you attempt to create passwords that meet increasingly bizarre and complicated criteria. If you enjoy puzzles that push the boundaries of conventional game design, this might be the perfect game for you!

How to play The Password Game?

The game progresses through dozens of crazy rules, each adding a unique twist to the password you must create. To advance, you need to type a password that meets the current rule and submit it. If correct, you move to the next level, but if not, you must try again. Some rules might ask you to include specific characters, symbols, or concepts—like a YouTube video of a particular length or the current moon phase in emoji form.

The final challenge is a crazy surprise for which you will not be prepared!

What are the controls for The Password Game?

Type your password directly into the input box.

Observe the game's feedback—if a green check mark appears, you've succeeded; a red cross signifies a failure, prompting you to improve your password to fit the rules.


  • Challenging and unique password creation rules
  • Engagement with a variety of concepts from daily trivia to advanced cryptography
  • Progressive difficulty with each rule
  • Minimalistic interface that focuses on problem-solving skills

Release date

May 2024




All devices

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