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Game Robo Runner preview
Game Robo Runner preview

Robo Runner

Robo Runner

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Robo Runner

Collect cogs to improve your score and react quickly to prevent crashing in Robo Runner — an exquisite 3-lane obstacle-avoiding platform-running game! With endless gameplay and progressive difficulty, you’re bound to fail at some point, hence the objective is to set the highest score possible. 

The stage you will run across is randomly generated on each fresh attempt, keeping the gameplay interesting and highly replayable. While it might feel like a breeze at the start, the robot protagonist becomes faster the further you get down the lane. If nothing else, this game is an amazing fine motor skill and reaction times exercise!

How to play Robo Runner

The road you must traverse is stacked with potentially deadly objects, but every once in a while, you’ll stumble upon boosts, too. The cog power-up grants 1-crash immunity, so you want to prioritize it over the other ones. Copper keys basically grant you an extra life, too, that can be used to prolong any run you feel might be the next high score.

You want to scan for obstacles at max viewing distance and process the gathered information to take preemptive action. There are 3 methods of dealing with traps: jump over, slide under, or dodge sideways. Keep in mind that you can switch lanes while jumping or sliding to combo-dodge the unforeseen obstacles ahead.

What are the controls for Robo Runner?

Robo Runner utilizes Unity WebGL which currently isn’t supported on mobile devices. As for now, you can play it exclusively in a PC browser. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch lanes, the arrow key up to jump, and the arrow key down to slide.


  • A fast-paced obstacle-avoiding lane-runner
  • Endless and progressively challenging gameplay
  • An awesome reaction times exercise

Release date

April 2020





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