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Tom Clancy's Shootout

Tom Clancy's Shootout is an engaging and innovative browser game similar to those classic arcade shoot-em-up -machines where you pointed a gun at targets popping up on the screen.

How to Play Tom Clancy's Shootout?

You participate in a simulation program where you engage in a shooting arena. From a set point, you can look around and aim at cardboard criminals using your cursor. It's important to remember that not all cardboard figures are criminals; some are innocent people, so be careful not to shoot them instinctively. The criminals may come in various disguises, requiring you to aim at different parts of their body to take them down.

You're not alone in this simulation war zone. You'll be ranked among real-time players worldwide based on how many criminals you manage to take down. To improve your performance, use the coins you earn to unlock better warriors and upgrade their weapons.

What are the controls for Tom Clancy's Shootout?

In Tom Clancy's Shootout, you control your aim by dragging the cursor and shoot by clicking the left mouse button.


  • IO gameplay with international real-time opponents
  • Upgradable weapons and skills
  • Territorial and worldwide leaderboards

Release date

November 2022




All devices

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