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Calling all platforming pros, adventure seekers, and anyone who loves a good dose of wholesome fun! Grab your red cap and green overalls, because it’s Mario games inviting you to explore the vibrant world! From iconic side-scrollers to sprawling open-worlds, and puzzle-solving adventures to party-perfect romps, our collection promises endless hours of laughter, challenge, and pure Nintendo magic.

Where Classic Meets Innovation

Experience the timeless joy of classic Mario adventures with remastered versions of your favorite titles. Stomp Goombas, navigate warp pipes, and rescue Princess Peach with the original charm and pixelated perfection you know and love. But don’t worry, innovation thrives in the Mushroom Kingdom too! Discover new gameplay mechanics, explore uncharted territories, and meet unforgettable characters in our ever-evolving Mario universe.

From Cozy to Competitive

Whether you seek a relaxing romp through familiar landscapes or a heart-pounding challenge, our Mario games cater to all moods. Unwind with charming puzzle games, explore expansive open worlds at your own pace, or test your skills in fast-paced action titles. There’s always an adventure waiting, tailored to your desired level of intensity.

Beyond the Pixelated Screen

The fun doesn’t stop when you turn off the console! Engage with the Mario community, share your high scores, discuss your favorite games, and even create your own levels with some of our titles. The shared passion for the Mushroom Kingdom fosters a vibrant community where the fun extends far beyond the individual gameplay experience.

So, whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, grab your controller and join the Mario party! With diverse gameplay styles, iconic characters, and endless possibilities for fun, our collection guarantees a smile on every player’s face!