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Free Online Car Driving Games

With realistic games all around, it is easy to forget that many enjoyable driving games are available out there. Besides, you don't have to spend a fortune or break your Christmas piggy bank to buy a fancy console to enjoy car driving games. 

So, it's time to put yourself in the driving seat of any vehicle, such as cars, trucks, and so on, with a range of multiplayer and single-player free driving games. If you like racing games, this post features car driving games that will test your skills. 

There is no shortage of online car driving games, and it is expected that you can have a few of them. Read on to immerse yourself in the world of racing with a variety of exciting games that you can play online for free. 

Driving Games Online for Free:

If you enjoy playing video games and looking for the best driving game online, you can get your hands on a variety of racing, drifting, and car games. You can take your driving skills to the next level through an intuitive driving game online for free. 

The best part about these intuitive games is that they are fully immersed and equipped with 3D graphics and look awesome when you play in a full-screen mode. Compete with other players online and showcase your driving skills in and around a virtual city. 

What are Driving Games?

In short, a driving game is referred to as a fun-filled, fast-paced game that will test your driving skills. These kinds of games are themed around touring vehicles, stunt cars, rally trucks, and even parking simulators. 

What's interesting about these games is that they contain plenty of themes that enable you to choose the best collection of games. Hence, if you are looking to drive exotic cars at unbelievable speeds that wouldn't have been possible on a real track, free car games online are the way to go.

Whether you want to perform stunts with supercars, all-terrain buggies, or trucks, you can always have the best of these free online games. Most popular games for driving enthusiasts include racing games, simulators, and open-world games. 

In addition, you can play these games on your web browser, either from your desktop or mobile device.

Here is a collection of different types of online free driving games that you can't afford to miss. 

1. Racing Games

With free-to-play and thrilling racing games, you can take your driving expertise to racetrack or rally. In addition, if you are looking to make your mark in the drifting scene of racing, you have got plenty of games to choose from. 

The immersive 3D experience and full-screen mode allow you to enjoy these games to their core. Following are some of the games that you should try. 

  • Drift hunters
  • Highway Racer
  • Cyber Cars Punk Racing
  • Death Chase

2. Driving Simulator Games

At a certain moment, game developers thought they needed to create something apart from racing games. Gamers worldwide are happy using these cars to experience the sheer pleasure of driving and smashing them against other objects.

Even driving trucks from one destination to another is possible! If you are thinking about living your dream through long-haul delivery routes, simulator games might suit you better. Apart from that, you can find it therapeutic while driving down the road and meeting new challenges. 

Like other free online games, you can always find simulator games that you may like. Here are some games that are worth trying.

  • Russian Car Driver
  • Crazy Car Stunts
  • Truck Driver Easy Road
  • Pickup Simulator 

3. Open World Driving Games

Nothing can be compared to driving cars around open-world environments that provide you with an exhilarating experience. For example, Madalin Stunt Cars 2 allows you to race with 34 feature-rich cars alongside massive playgrounds where you can perform cool tricks. 

There are lots of free online car games that come with amazing graphics and give you the perfect sense of being in a real situation. So, move around the city dodging traffic while enjoying every bit of the game. Want to have a similar experience? Why not try these car driving games?

  • Madalin Stunt Cars 2
  • City Car Driving Simulator
  • Moto Road Rash 3D
  • Blaze Racing