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Game Wheelie Bike preview
Game Wheelie Bike preview

Wheelie Bike

Wheelie Bike

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Wheelie Bike

Balance your BMX on the rear wheel without touching the ground with its front end for as long as possible in Wheelie Bike! This deceivingly simple 2D bicycle stunt riding simulation features minimalistic graphics, challenging gameplay, and a realistic physics engine. You’ll fail plenty of times until the wheelies become smooth and seemingly effortless, but it’s always better to try and fail than not try at all!

To perform the delicate balancing act, you must be very gentle with the controls, constantly adjust the tilting angle, and make split-second do-or-die decisions. The stage you’ll ride is packed with ramps of varying lengths and inclines, and each obstacle requires a slightly different approach. Learn from your mistakes and remain at the top of your game to keep wheeling along the challenging track.

How to play Wheelie Bike

It takes a fraction of a second to lift your front wheel up from the ground and start the wheelie, but if you hold the controls for too long, crashing is inevitable. If the bicycle lifts more than 45 degrees relative to the horizontal surface, you’ll most likely fall on your back, and the tricky part is that if you can’t tilt it forward.

You should compensate the approach angle according to the inclines of ramps ahead. While riding down the slopes, expect the inertia to kick in once the rear wheel touches the horizontal surface, and perform an additional tilt of your front wheel in mid-air to continue wheeling.

What are the controls for Wheelie Bike?

You can play Wheelie Bike on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click and hold to lift the front wheel from the ground and timely release to balance your BMX and perform a wheelie. 


  • A thrilling 2D bicycle stunt riding simulation
  • Deceivingly simple yet challenging endless gameplay
  • Minimalistic graphics and a realistic physics engine

Release date

December 2019




All devices

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