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Game Halloween Idle World preview
Game Halloween Idle World preview

Halloween Idle World

Halloween Idle World

Theatre mode
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Halloween Idle World

Become the ruler of an eerie castle and expand your spooky empire in Halloween Idle World! Earn skulls, collect festive pumpkins, raise skeletons and zombies to join your kingdom, and much more in this highly addictive idle clicker game. The pixelated graphics fit the creepy atmosphere perfectly, but despite the scary monsters inhabiting your supernatural empire, the gameplay is quite relaxing and enjoyable. Unlocking various ghostly apparitions and spreading your domain requires some time, but you don’t really have to invest much effort. Just be patient and return whenever you can to check on your empire’s progress and develop it further.

How to play Halloween Idle World

To acquire new buildings and add various spooky citizens to your kingdom, you must first buy more land. Expanding may seem costly, but you’ll be able to afford it in no time. The skulls and pumpkins are your main currencies, and to boost their production, you must upgrade the corresponding buildings.

To unlock each following feature, you'll have to gather a significant amount of the previously available resources. Having this in mind, it's best to gradually improve your kingdom, starting from the castle and working your way down to the furthest reaches of the empire. If patience isn't your strong suit, you can always click repeatedly on the castle or the pumpkin fields to speed up production. 

What are the controls for Halloween Idle World?

You can play Halloween Idle World on mobile and PC devices alike. Click or tap on the castle repeatedly to boost your yields. Click or tap on the buildings and farms to improve them.


  • Addictive idle clicker featuring gorgeous pixelated graphics
  • You’re the main architect of a spooky empire
  • Skeletons, Grim Reapers, and many other unworldly inhabitants
  • Relaxing and rewarding gameplay

Release date

October 2021




All devices

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