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Punch Hero

Welcome to "Punch Hero," a captivating and innovative idle clicker-esque punching game In this magical world, you embark on an epic journey to break through enchanted walls, unlock new levels, and enhance your power. Your journey is filled with mystical dragons and numerous challenges, keeping you engrossed and entertained.

How to play Punch Hero?

"Punch Hero" offers a unique blend of idle gameplay and action-packed sequences. Your primary task is to tap or click to smash through walls, enhancing your character's strength and power. This wall-breaking mechanic is not just for progression but also a fun way to engage in the game's world.

As you advance, you'll face various obstacles and enemies, including dragons, that must be conquered to progress. Each level unlocks new adventures and brings powerful upgrades that are essential for your journey. Remember, your path from a novice to a hero depends on how effectively you use these upgrades.

What are the controls for Punch Hero?

  • WASD + Shift: Move/Run
  • Space: Jump
  • E: Toggle auto train
  • Q: Toggle auto punch
  • F or Right Mouse Button: Punch
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys or Drag Left Mouse Button: Rotate camera
  • T: Load emoji reaction (dance/emote)
  • ESC: View controls tutorial and settings menu


  • Similar Gameplay to Idle Games: Engaging and easy to pick up
  • Wall-Breaking Action: Unique gameplay mechanic
  • Dragons and Mystical Beings: Encounter and overcome fantastical creatures
  • Upgrades and Levels: Constant progression and power-ups
  • Customizable Characters: Personalize your hero's look and nickname
  • Interactive Elements: In-game chat and community engagement
  • Daily Rewards: Keep coming back for more goodies
  • Unique Environments: Explore varied and magical zones

Release date

January 2024


Spatial Games



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