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Super Hoops Basketball


Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball is an exciting puzzle game for both young and old, where you need to lead a ball into a basket while avoiding various obstacles. This multilevel game starts off simple but will push your brain to the limits as the challenges increase with every next level. Simply start it and engage your fingers and mind trying to complete levels with perfect scores.

How to play Super Hoops Basketball

“Think fast and act with the best of your logic” is the simple mantra of the game. In Super Hoops Basketball, you have to basket the ball by rotating the wooden platforms while trying to collect as many stars as you can. Once the ball is in the basket, the level gets cleared, and a new one begins. Each subsequent level brings some more exciting tricks and tools, such as automatic sliding platforms, cross-shaped wooden platforms, square and triangle blocks, and dangerous bombs.

What are the controls for Super Hoops Basketball?

The game has very basic and easy controls. To rotate the wooden platforms, you just need to click and hold on the left or right side of the mobile screen. On the PC, you can simply use your mouse or arrow keys to do the same:

  • Left arrow key — platform rotates from right to left
  • Right arrow key — platform rotates from left to right


  • Fun and interesting puzzle game
  • 25 levels
  • Collecting all the stars is a challenging task
  • Physics-based gameplay

March 2023


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