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Run through mazes, traps, and obstacles as a bean along with many players and fight for the number 1 position! is a very compelling, fun cartoonish running game where players compete to reach the end of the obstacle course until there is only one bean left standing. Its unique and vibrant layouts and simple controls give any age category a blast while playing. Being a bean has never been more fun before!

How to play

Run through complex and unique layouts, consisting of various obstacles such as avalanches of bouncy balls, narrow bridges, trampolines, slippery hills, and many more. The main goal is to ensure that you become the number one runner in every race. It’s not easy as it sounds as many players will try to push you and distract you from winning. It’s also a race against time as you have to make sure you get over the line within the time limit or otherwise you will be eliminated. brings a lot to the table as with each level, the complexity of the layouts will seemingly increase in a bizarre fashion. Each race will get tougher as more players will be eliminated with each round. Do you have what it takes to make your bean the champion runner?

What are the controls for

• When playing on your PC, use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move your character while looking around by using your cursor. Press the ‘Spacebar’ to make your character jump.

• When playing on your mobile device, use the analog button on the left side of your screen to move your character. You can look around by swiping from the side of your screen. Press the jump button to make your character jump.


• Numerous challenges with complex layouts

• Vibrant and colorful cartoon-type graphics

• Invite many friends and race against time in a competitive setting

March 2023

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Cross platform