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Basket Random


Basket Random

Basket Random is a fun, quirky basketball game designed for two players that incorporates unpredictable physics and hilarious ragdoll characters. Compete with your opponent on the basketball courts as you jump and struggle for control of the ball.

How to play Basket Random?

The aim of this game is to outscore your opponents by making as many field goals as possible. There are two teams of two players each in a basketball match, with one member assigned as a dunker and the other as a defender.

The dunker is positioned at the center of the court and is responsible for handling and shooting the ball. To succeed, you must control the dunker, move into the rival team's court, and steal the ball from them. Once in possession of the ball, you must jump and throw the ball into the basket to score points. To increase your score, perform impressive slam-dunks.

The defender stands behind the dunker and must prevent the opposing team from scoring baskets. To stop your opponents from scoring, use the defender to jump or lie down and block their attempts.

Controlling Stickman in this game can be challenging as their movements are unpredictable and uncontrollable. To succeed, you need to use your quick reflexes and fingers to control them effectively. You will earn one point for every successful basket you score, and the team that reaches five scores first will be declared the winner.

What are the controls for Basket Random?

  • PLAYER 1: UP Arrow key to control your character
  • PLAYER 2: W key to control your character

On mobile devices, simply tap the screen to jump.


  • Experience quirky, bouncy basketball players
  • Enjoy the unpredictability of random level and physics changes
  • Play with a friend for added fun
  • Experience a unique twist on traditional basketball gameplay

April 2020

RHM Interactive

Cross platform