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Car Crash Simulator

In Car Crash Simulator, you get to drive and crash dozens of amazing car models across various interesting tracks. Try out up to 4 different game modes, each featuring a unique set of rules and challenges.

Demolish your fancy rides without regrets since, in this game, you’ll earn experience and gold coins by doing so. Figure out creative ways to wreck these beautifully designed machines to earn extra points.

How to play Car Crash Simulator

Before driving, you might want to take a quick look at the garage. At a glance, you’ll notice that each car has four performance attributes — durability, engine, control, and nitro. You can upgrade each of these components and also customize the rims on your ride.

There are four game modes available — “Freeride”, “Trails”, “Derby”, and “Ramp”. In the “Freeride” you get to enjoy the game at your own pace, across 3 different stages — to complete each, you need to collect all the coins available. “Derby” is a demolition derby — destroy your opponents while causing minimal damage to your vehicle. “Ramp” is similar to ski jumping, reach the highest speed at the end of the ramp to achieve the longest jump. In “Trails” there are two sub-modes. One is just like the “Derby” while in the other, the goal is to reach certain checkpoints within a given timeframe.

What are the controls for Car Crash Simulator?

You can play Car Crash Simulator in a PC browser, but also on a smartphone or a tablet (both Android and iOS). On touchscreen devices, all the controls are easily discerned, while on PC, a keyboard is required to play.

PC controls:

  • WASD keys — gas, brake, turn
  • Space — handbrake
  • F — nitro
  • G — slow motion
  • C — change perspective


  • One of the high-adrenaline driving simulator games
  • Unlock and upgrade amazing vehicles only to spectacularly crash them
  • Try out different game modes for additional challenges

Release date

November 2022


Mirra Games


All devices

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