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Grand Vegas Simulator

Ready your seatbelt, your badge, and your skills for pit maneuvers, as you step into your police car to serve and protect in Grand Vegas Simulator! Roam around a giant map with multiple locations and patrol the streets or show your driving prowess!

How to play Grand Vegas Simulator?

Grand Vegas Simulator features a wide-spanning map with multitudes of location to travel, and you begin in free-roam most of the time, familiarizing yourself of the road and landmarks over the map. Over time, you receive calls in that will open missions for you, such as:

  1. Criminal Arrests – You are designated a specific target near your location, with various degrees of infractions that needs you to arrest them. It’s simple, you need keep ramming them as you increase the arrest bar, and they’ll feature different profiles that will decide their behavior, ranging from excited, or violent ones.
  2. Speed through Cones – A simple racing minigame where you’re tasked to go into checkpoints landmarked by two cones. If you hit any of these cones, you lose the race and the money reward.
  3. Get to that Location! – You will be given an objective to reach a specific area in time, with a time limit provided. These can range from a bank robbery, accident, and such similar cases, so familiarizing yourself with the shortcuts throughout the world is beneficial.
  4. Escort the President! – You will be tasked with escorting the president’s limo as they move through the streets, and you’ll be required with staying within a certain distance of the limo. Get too far from it and you’ll fail the mission!

What are the controls for Grand Vegas Simulator?

  • Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
  • Hitting S/Down Arrow Key will reverse/brake the car.


  • Rank System – this increases as you earn more after doing missions, which also gives variety of missions as you progress.
  • Customizability – The game features a span of customization for your vehicle, feel free to design your police car!
  • Multiple Car Choices – There are 10 different cars in the game to access and drive through the roads with varying performance and strengths! Unlock them all!

Release date

May 2022


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