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Moto X3M 5: Pool Party

Moto X3M 5 is the fifth action-packed installment in the Moto X3M series! This time, you’ll be defying the laws of gravity by flipping your way through a pool party and even underwater!

How to play Moto X3M 5: Pool Party?

Moto X3M 5: Pool Party is an intense bike game! Unleash your inner daredevil by starting your dirtbike and speeding through all the obstacles in your path. Once on the track, you’ll be traversing on both land and underwater. Avoid all the traps you encounter and defy gravity to complete the level. Even though all this sounds easy, it actually isn’t. You’ll need to focus incredibly hard while driving your bike to complete the level without crashing.

Starting the game, I’d advise you to take your time through the levels to understand them better. You can always retry to get all three stars once you’ve realized the game’s mechanics. Once that part is taken care of, the rest of the levels should be a piece of cake!

You can also upgrade your bike by checking out the bike shop at the top of your screen. With enough stars collected, you can use them to buy a bike of your choice. The stats of these bikes are way better than the standard bike you start with. Upgrading your bike will help your progress massively!

What are the controls for Moto 3XM 5: Pool Party?

While playing on desktop:

You’ll be using the W key to accelerate, the S key to brake and the A and D keys to tilt your bike towards the left and right respectively.

On mobile:

You’ll be using the arrow keys available at the bottom of the screen. Use the right straight arrow key to accelerate, and the left straight arrow key to brake. Tap on the curly arrow keys to tilt your bike left or right.


  • Unique levels: In Moto 3XM 5: Pool Party, there are over 20 unique levels available for you to try out! Each level has its unique obstacles for you to get through!
  • Progression system: The game starts easy but it begins to get increasingly difficult as the player progress with complicated traps, tracks and boosts!
  • Upgrades: You can upgrade your bike by exchanging stars in the bike shop! This allows the player to be able to speed through levels!

Release date

February 2019




All devices

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