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Night City Racing

Night City Racing is an arcade 3D racing game where you’ll drive the fastest and most stylish cars and try to overtake your rivals to win the race. This racing game features three game modes and 16 exciting levels for non-stop racing action. That’s not all, you can race off against the computer in the single-player mode or against your friends in the 2-player mode.

The game offers players tons of customization options where you can change not just the aesthetics of your racing car but even its engine and power. As you win races and collect coins, you’ll be able to unlock more powerful and amazing cars to further amp up your racing game.

How To Play Night City Racing

After the game loads, you need to choose one of the three available game modes, which include “Racing,” “Challenge,” and “Free Drive.” Each of these game modes can be played in single and two-player modes. In “Racing” mode, you’ll race against other cars and try to complete two laps before they do. The “Challenge” mode allows you to compete against an airplane, and in “Free Drive” mode, you can explore the cars and maps without any specific missions.

What Are The Controls For Night City Racing?

To play Night City Racing, you can use the following controls:

1 Player Mode

  • WASD or ARROW KEYS: move
  • L-SHIFT or R-SHIFT: nitro boost
  • R: reset car position
  • T: look back
  • C: change camera view

2 Player Mode

Player 1:

  • Move: ARROW KEYS: move
  • M: nitro boost
  • O: reset car position
  • P: look back
  • K: change camera view

Player 2:

  • WASD: move
  • L-SHIFT: nitro boost
  • R: reset car position
  • T: look back
  • C: change camera view


  • Insane speeds with easy controls
  • Lots of cars to unlock
  • Interesting and pretty locations
  • Support for a 2-player mode

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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