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Rooftop Snipers

In the world of Rooftop Snipers, you can feel like a real shooter! Starting this game, you will find yourself on a high rooftop together with your friend. This means you can have fun in the company of a comrade. Otherwise, you can fight with the computer if you want to spend time alone today. During the shootout, you will feel all the charms of nature in the form of gusty wind knocking you down. Collect your will and react as quickly as possible to get ahead of your opponent. The game design is classic enough, but the sound effects will surprise you.

How to play Rooftop Snipers

While playing Rooftop Snipers, the location does not change; all levels will take place on the roof. But don't be upset. You won't have time to get bored. A rifle with telescopic sight will be in your arsenal. Your task is to prevent the shoots of the opponent and do it first. 

Tip: Be sure to watch the entrance to the roof. Trouble can catch up with you from there as well. After all, those enemies that you did not have time to throw can try to get you and outplay you on your own field. For every attacker you kill, you'll earn coins. You can use the collected money to upgrade your weapons and buy more effective ones. Be sure to monitor the life scale of the sniper. The lower it is, the worse your character will feel. 

Challenges in Rooftop Snipers 

In this heart-pounding game, you’re not just shooting — you’re leaping! Dodge bullets with daring forward and backward jumps, turning each match into a high-stakes dance on the edge of skyscrapers. But wait, there’s more! As you progress through the levels, the challenges ramp up. Prepare to face off against flying tomahawks and a barrage of unpredictable falling objects while trying to land the perfect shot.

But there’s room for strategy, albeit limited. If you find an approach that works for you, go for it! Use it to outsmart your opponent and gain the upper hand. The beauty of this game lies in its simplicity and relaxed vibe. You don’t need a complex plan or hours of practice to enjoy and succeed. The gameplay is easygoing, perfect for those moments when you just want to unwind and have some fun.

What are the controls for Rooftop Snipers?

Player 1 Controls

  • W = jump
  • E = shoot

Player 2 Controls

  • I = jump
  • O = shoot


  • Can be played online 
  • Choose your game modes. Play alone or with friends.
  • Suitable for adults and children.

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Release date

June 2017


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