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Take control of the three mafia members in a mercilessly bloody fight to the death against rival Gangsters! This 2D action slasher/shooter features gory pixelated graphics, excruciating battles, and action-packed gameplay. The squads of opposing mobsters will clash at randomly selected locations and no two confrontations are quite alike.

You can’t control the individual characters as they move and shoot together, which may cause you a lot of trouble once your formation is broken. Fortunately, friendly fire is disabled, and you’ll be able to pick up various weapons as well as health packs once you destroy the supply crates dropping from the sky. Throw punches, swing knives, shoot down your foes, and do whatever it takes to remain the last gang standing!

How to play Gangsters

At the beginning of each encounter, don’t focus too much on dealing damage immediately, but try to get into positions from which it’s easier to avoid getting hit. Each available map has several objects you can efficiently use as covers if you’re standing in their proximity.

Your gang members will tilt left and right and will perform a small jump in the direction they’re leaning toward once you input the movement controls. Mastering the movement is more difficult than using the weapons at your disposal. If you manage to be in the right position at the right time, you’ll pick up powerful guns that will make the rest of the fight much easier.

What are the controls for Gangsters?

You can play Gangsters exclusively in a PC browser. Use the W key to move your gang across the battlefield and the E key to swing your melee weapons or shoot various guns you can pick up.


  • 2D pixelated rival gang bloody mayhem
  • Action-packed and gory gameplay
  • Plenty of different weapons to pick up

Release date

July 2020


Shared Dreams Studios



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