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Game Wheely 3 preview
Game Wheely 3 preview

Wheely 3

Wheely 3

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Wheely 3

Solve the mystery of unexpected oil shortage and bring the devious perpetrator to justice in Wheely 3 — an incredible 2D point-and-click puzzle game. Our protagonist is an anthropomorphic red family car, and after going out to run errands for his beloved wife, things take an unexpected turn.

After being unjustly accused and chased by the police like he’s the villain, the heroic car decides to take action and get to the bottom of the fabricated oil crisis. While he might save the world, his loving wife won’t welcome him with a smile on her face unless he brings home exactly the things she sent him out for in the first place!

The eye-catching 2D graphics in this beloved gaming franchise are especially attractive for the youngest of gamers. The logical problems you’re tasked with solving aren’t too complex but will provide a worthy brain exercise for both kids and adults.

How to play Wheely 3

The red flag marks the end of all levels, and the objective is to guide the red car to it while avoiding all the perils ahead. Try out all the switches, levers, and valve wheels you can spot to see how they affect the surroundings. 

Each level presents you with a unique challenge, therefore it’s very important to analyze every situation individually. Every interactable object can be put to good use.

What are the controls for Wheely 3?

You can play Wheely 3 on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on Wheely to start and stop moving. Click or tap, hold and drag to interact with a variety of objects and solve the logical problems presented in each level.


  • Wheely the red car solves the oil shortage mystery
  • 12 brain-stimulating levels to complete
  • Perfect point-and-click puzzle for kids and adults

Release date

June 2017




All devices

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