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Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex is an engaging and humorous escape game set in a snowy mountain prison known as "The Wall," home to some of the world's most dangerous and intelligent criminals. This game is the fifth and last installment of the popular Henry Stickmin legacy series.

How to play Fleeing the Complex?

In "Fleeing the Complex," you must help Henry Stickmin, a notorious criminal, escape from The Wall. The gameplay involves making quick, strategic choices to outsmart guards and navigate through various scenarios. You will encounter numerous options such as Boost Up, Charge Tackle, Wait for Transfer, and Play Dead, each leading to different outcomes and paths. The game is known for its branching choices, quick-time events, and multiple endings.

What are the controls for Fleeing the Complex?

Click with the left mouse button to select and interact with various options and objects.


  • Multiple paths and endings based on choices
  • Quick-time events for added excitement
  • Humorous and unpredictable outcomes
  • Diverse strategies and solutions
  • Map system for easy navigation of choices
  • 18 exciting achievements to unlock
  • Part of the Henry Stickmin series with a strong narrative focus
  • Appealing to players who enjoy strategy, puzzles, and humor

Release date

November 2015


Puffballs United


All devices

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