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Game Raft Life preview
Game Raft Life preview

Raft Life

Raft Life

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Raft Life

In Raft Life, you find yourself waking up on a small raft in the middle of the vast ocean, far removed from your previous city life. This game challenges you to use your survival skills to rebuild and thrive in a new, harsh environment. Your journey involves crafting, building, and expanding your raft, gathering resources, fishing, planting crops, and defending against shark attacks. It's a test of adaptability and ingenuity, where you'll forge new animal friendships and face the challenges of life at sea.

How to play Raft Life?

Raft Life is a survival simulation game where your primary objective is to transform your small raft into a floating kingdom! You start with minimal resources and must work to expand your living space and capabilities.

  • Resource Gathering: Scour the ocean for debris like wood and plastic to construct and upgrade your raft. These materials are vital for building structures and crafting tools.
  • Fishing for Food: Use a fishing rod to catch fish, providing a crucial food source to sustain yourself.
  • Agriculture: Plant crops on your raft to create a sustainable food supply. This aspect is key to long-term survival.
  • Defending Against Threats: Sharks and other oceanic dangers pose a constant threat. You need to create weapons and defenses to protect your raft and ensure your safety.

As you progress, your raft becomes a personal island, a testament to your survival and creativity in the face of adversity.

What are the controls for Raft Life?

The controls for "Raft Life" are straightforward, combining keyboard and mouse inputs for an intuitive gaming experience.

  • Movement: Use WASD, Arrow Keys or drag with your mouse to move around the raft
  • Interaction: Drag Left-Click to interact with items, craft, and build


  • Immersive survival simulation experience
  • Resource gathering and crafting mechanics
  • Farming and food cultivation
  • Dynamic environment with oceanic challenges
  • Shark defense and combat elements
  • Expansion and customization of your raft
  • Building a self-sustaining ecosystem
  • Engaging animal interactions and bonuses

Release date

December 2023





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