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Infiltrating the Airship

Infiltrating the Airship is a popular flash game developed by PuffballsUnited. The game follows the story of a stick figure character named Henry who attempts to infiltrate a giant airship belonging to the government.

How to play Infiltrating the Airship?

The goal of the game is to help Henry successfully complete his mission by making choices and decisions that will determine the outcome of his adventure.

The gameplay is presented in a point-and-click style where the player must interact with various objects and characters to progress through the story. The game features a wide range of choices and paths that the player can take, leading to multiple possible outcomes and endings.

The game is known for its humorous and entertaining storyline, along with its unique and creative animation style. It has gained a large following and has been praised for its engaging gameplay and replayability.

What are the controls for Infiltrating the Airship?

  • On desktops, use the left mouse button to make your choices


  • Point-and-click style game with a wide range of choices and paths.
  • A unique and creative animation style
  • Loads of clever humor!

Release date

September 2013


Puffballs United



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