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9.5(3990 votes)


Bloxd.io is a Minecraft-esque free to play online game, made by Arthur Baker. The game is a merging of the creative aspects of Roblox with the familiar style and gameplay of Minecraft. The game has over 120 thousand daily active users and the number keeps growing.

What are the game modes in Bloxd io?

Bloxd.io is a multiplayer online game that offers 18 different game modes to choose from, from the recognizable survival and creative modes along with some quirkier ones like "Bedwars" (or "Bed Wars") and "Greenville". You can also create your own password protected lobbies to play with your own private group of people. Whether youโ€™re looking for a classic open-world PvP experience, a creative building mode, or something in between, Bloxd.io has something for you.

Here are some of the game modes available in Bloxd.io:

  • Survival โ€” Classic open-world free-for-all PvP
  • Creative โ€” Building mode in which you can fly. Explore the limitless possibilities!
  • Bedwars (4v4v4v4) โ€” Team Deathmatch. Destroy opponentโ€™s beds to prevent them from respawning
  • Bedwars (Duos) โ€” Same as above but duos
  • Sky Wars โ€” Fight and try to survive, in the sky!
  • OneBlock โ€” Dig the block below you to gather new materials and progress through the 14 phases
  • Greenville โ€” A unique MMORPG experience
  • Hide and Seek โ€” Itโ€™s extremely fun to play when you can disguise yourself as a block
  • Murder Mystery โ€” Among Us-inspired investigative PvP game mode
  • BloxdHop โ€” Freerunning game mode with a couple of maps
  • DoodleCube โ€” Epic construction battles
  • EvilTower โ€” Obstacle coursing the 6-floor crumbling tower
  • Peaceful โ€” Explore this vast game freely at your own pace
  • CubeWarfare โ€” Pixelated first-person shooter, with killer powerups!
  • Worlds โ€” Create your own lobbies for any game mode

Each mode is collaborative with a hugely active text box in the top left of the screen. Bloxd also features limited time game modes that come and go, so make sure to check in from time to time.

The "Greenville" mode is set up to be like a group of workers on the same street, there are portals taking you to mining/forest areas to bring back supplies to get paid. This is the kind of mode that people have attempted to make on Minecraft in the past, but now with a better interface.

How to play Bloxd.io

No downloads or waiting for long loading times, just hop in, enter your username, pick the desired game mode and youโ€™re ready to go! The gameplay is very quick and smooth, and not as much as a slog as some games of this type. There are no real tips for this game other than get used to the controls and what you can do and make.

What are the controls for Bloxd.io?

On the PC:

  • Arrow keys or "WASD" to move forward, backward, left and right
  • Shift key to run
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left Mouse Click to break a block
  • Right Mouse Click / E to place a block
  • Q to drop a block
  • Tab to open your inventory / craft
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Ctrl, C, or CapsLock to crouch
  • Middle Mouse Button or Alt+Left Click to Pick Block (creative)

On mobile devices:

  • Use the touch screen to activate inventory and other HUD interfaces,
  • Look around using the right side of the screen and move with the left

Bloxd.io list of Commands

To use any of the Bloxd.io commands, all you need to do is write them down in the chat and press enter. Some of the commands only work in specific game modes, such as private open-world lobbies.

Open world commands

  • /spawn โ€” teleport to the lobby spawning spot
  • /XP โ€” shows your level and experience
  • /played โ€” shows time played
  • /sethome[name] โ€” sets a new home you can teleport to.
  • /home โ€” teleport to the /sethome. Add [name] after /home to TP to the specific home
  • /delhome[name] โ€” deletes the /sethome[name]
  • /homes โ€” show all of the homes youโ€™ve set
  • /tprequest[playername] โ€” request to teleport to [playername]โ€™s location
  • /tpaccept[playername] โ€” allow [playername] to TP to you
  • /tpdeny โ€” refuse incoming /tprequest
  • /players โ€” shows all names of all the players currently in the lobby
  • /protectors โ€” reveals the locations of your protectors
  • /timetillreset โ€” lets you know the reset timing of chunks; doesnโ€™t work in Worlds game mode.

Private open-world lobbies commands

  • /ownerhelp โ€” list of commands available to the world owner
  • /hardcore โ€” provides info on the current hardcore settings and lists available commands
  • /toggle hardcore โ€” turn on the hardcore modeย 


  • Diverse Minecraft-inspired gameplay
  • Well-optimized 3D graphics for smooth online play
  • Multiple multiplayer modes ranging from peaceful to competitive
  • Character model customization
  • Intuitive controls familiar to modern gamers
  • Engaging background music and sound effects
  • Minimalist and user-friendly interface
  • Easy match-making system for playing with friends

Bloxd.io stands out for its ability to cater to a wide range of playstyles, from survival and combat to creative building and farming. This rich diversity makes it an engaging game for various types of players. Try out the different modes and discover your favorite way to play in the expansive world of Bloxd.io!

Release date

March 2023


Arthur Baker


All devices

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