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Smash Karts


Smash Karts

Combining racing with explosions, Smash Karts is an action-packed, fast-paced multiplayer game suitable for players of all ages. Along with a colorful and addictive environment, the game provides an exciting, adrenaline filled experience.


How to play Smash Karts

3 minutes per round of kart-smashing mayhem await you as you square up against other players in the arena! You will receive XP for playing each public game, which you may use to advance through levels. Smash Karts provides you with various modes and layouts so that you will never get bored while playing. The game introduces you to many epic mechanics as you will get the chance to customize your vehicle along with many other upgrades.

The game starts on a random track with many curves and pits. Many players will join your round as you progress. There will be various mystery packages for you to loot consisting of numerous weapons and skills from mini guns to rocket launchers. You must use these items to your advantage in wrecking enemy carts and taking the lead. The more enemy vehicles you destroy, the more points you will get. Crash, explode, and grind your way through as many players will fight for the number 1 position on the leaderboard.

Remember not to stay still and move around to avoid enemy attacks while timing yours to perfection. Invite your friends to play with you for some extra buddy-shooting action!

What are the controls for Smash Karts?

  • When playing on your desktop, use the arrow keys or ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move, while using the space bar to initiate the acquired skills
  • When playing on your mobile device, click on the accelerator and the brake paddle buttons to move, while pressing the skill button to initiate the acquired skills



  • Numerous aesthetic karts with customizable parts to choose from
  • Fast paced multiplayer action kart battles with different weapons
  • A cool, exciting racing atmosphere

March 2023

Tall Team

Cross platform