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Competing with friends or other players worldwide in online multiplayer games gives us a rush that's hard to describe. There have always been awesome single-player games, sure, but the gratification of beating an AI rarely comes close to the pure joy of defeating human players. Playing builds character and determination but also teaches us not to be sore losers. After all, you learn almost nothing if you always keep winning, but when competing against more skilled opponents, you can become a better player yourself.

What makes a game multiplayer?

If more than one player can play simultaneously in the same real-time environment, you’ve got your hands on a multiplayer game. Before online gaming became widespread, the games were played locally via a LAN, but nowadays, LAN gaming often seems like a relic from the ancient past.

Types of Multiplayer online games

Check out the list below to see some of the types of free multiplayer games available on our website. 

Multiplayer IO Games

Most of the IO games are highly competitive, and there are plenty of players on the server simultaneously, all aiming to claim first place. The games are usually fast-paced, the gameplay is challenging, and the graphics are quite simple, so most of the time, you can run it even on a potato PC. Here are some of the best IO multiplayer games we would dearly recommend.

Online Shooting Games

There are plenty of shooting games available to accommodate everyone’s taste. Whether you like 1v1 shooting games, archery, team deathmatch, or Battle Royale, we have it all. Here are some of the most popular online shooting games available on our website.

MMO Games

The more, the merrier! You're never alone in massively multiplayer online games! These games have become a worldwide phenomenon, and the sheer number of people playing them daily is mind-boggling. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones.

Other Multiplayer Games

If you like driving games, you can race against other players in ROD Multiplayer Car Driving, or hop on a bike to check if you got what it takes to win in Dirt Bike MotoCross.

What are the most popular Multiplayer Games?