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Game Master Chess preview

Master Chess

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Master Chess

Master Chess brings the classic board game experience to life like never before. Focus and strategize on your moves and rise to the top of the chess world!

How to play Master Chess?

Master Chess is an intense game of chess! Playing a game like Master Chess with all the movements of the chess pieces involved takes a lot of strategic thinking and planning. Players take turns moving their pieces across the board, with the ultimate goal of capturing their opponent's king. Each piece has its own unique movement capabilities, and players must use them to their advantage in order to outmaneuver their opponent.

Throughout Master Chess, players must constantly assess the situation and adapt their strategy accordingly. You’ll need to think several moves ahead and anticipate your opponent's next move in order to gain the upper hand. Additionally, you must be mindful of your own pieces and avoid leaving them vulnerable to capture. With so many possibilities and potential outcomes, each game is a unique and challenging experience that requires both skill and strategy.

Master Chess is available to play both online and offline. If you wish to play online, you’ll have to find a room or create one and play against an opponent. Offline, you have the option to go against a robot or go against another player on the same device. You can choose whether or not you want to play with a time limit and you can even change the difficulty of the match.

What are the controls for Master Chess?

On desktop, use the left mouse button to click on the chess piece you want to move then click on the tile you want to move it to.

On mobile, simply tap on the piece you wish to move followed by its destination tile.


  • Strategy! To win in Master Chess, you’ll constantly need to be strategizing to stay ahead in the game!
  • Multiplayer! Play against another player on the device and test each other's skills!
  • Multiple Difficulties! If you feel like the game is getting too easy for you, check out the multiple difficulties and time modes! That’ll ensure that you’re always playing against the very best!

Release date

May 2018


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