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Game Pizza Tower preview
Game Pizza Tower preview

Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower

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9.1(33 votes)

Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a dynamic 2D platformer game drawing heavy inspiration from the "Wario Land" series and is known for its fast-paced gameplay and distinctive style. The game's visual aesthetic is influenced by cartoons from the 90s, paired with an amazingly lively soundtrack that adds to the overall good vibes! This is a fan-made version made by PinPan and if you enjoy it, consider buying the original game on Steam.

How to play Pizza Tower?

In Pizza Tower, you step into the shoes of Peppino Spaghetti, a surprisingly agile and strong Italian pizza chef. Your mission is to navigate through the chaotic floors of Pizza Tower, with the goal of saving your restaurant. The game is structured around moving quickly, accumulating high scores, maintaining combos, and collecting items. Each level concludes with an escape sequence that challenges you to rush back to the level's beginning.

Peppino can perform various moves like body slamming enemies, using a Grab Dash to hurl them as projectiles, and executing a Mach Run to increase speed, destroy blocks, and kill enemies. The game also includes special power-ups that change Peppino's abilities and several level-specific transformations.

What are the controls for Pizza Tower?

  • Z: PLAY / Select / Jump
  • Arrow keys: Move / Climb Ladders / Enter Doors
  • X: Charge
  • Up Arrow Key + Z: Jump higher
  • Down Arrow Key while falling: Fall harder


  • Unique, cartoon-inspired pixel art style reflecting the 90s era
  • An energetic and engaging soundtrack
  • Gameplay emphasizing movement, exploration, and score attack
  • Varied levels with secret rooms and challenges
  • Distinctive characters with different abilities
  • Combos that increase the score and extend gameplay

Release date

May 2023


Tour De Pizza



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