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Game Run 3 preview

Run 3

Run 3

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Run 3

Run as if your life depends on it! Cast out in a cosmic cartoon-type atmosphere, Run 3 is a fabulous endless runner-type game. Play as a cute alien and move past all challenges that are in your running course, which is also floating through space.

If you enjoy Run 3, make sure to check out its prequel Run 2 as well!

How to play Run 3?

Run 3 introduces two main modes for you to enjoy:

1.Explore mode

Test your progressive abilities with this mode as you run through all the different levels without succumbing to pressure and falling off to the vast outer space!

2.Infinity mode

Practice your running skills as endless obstacles in the form of holes, and sudden layout changes will come at you at a drastic speed.

The game starts off as your alien jumps toward the restricted area. You sprint away after entering the area, which is filled with hazardous holes. Be sure to jump with precise timing to survive, or else you will have to restart each level. The simple controls will ensure that you will have no trouble getting used to them. The game’s family-friendly environment also gives all ages the opportunity to enjoy.

Jump and dash your way through all obstacles as the game will certainly keep you at the edge of your toes. Help your alien make it, as the cosmic power of the game will certainly keep you playing for hours!

Run 3 Characters

All the Run 3 characters have unique capabilities and personalities. Besides the addictive gameplay, this game also features a coherent storyline in which ten characters available interact in often hilarious ways. Here’s a concise introduction to their most prominent features.

  • Runner — Curious and honest character. All-around balanced stats.
  • Skater — Fast but difficult to control. May wear a costume to turn into the ice skater and handle better on icy platforms.
  • Lizard — Lazy runner but jumps higher. Will go to sleep if it fails multiple times.
  • Bunny — This hyperactive animal hops perpetually.
  • Child — Son of Duplicator, who has adopted Bunny as a pet. Holds on to the balloon for a longer hang time. Won’t break the crumbling tiles while running over them.
  • Gentleman — Eccentric power cell collector. Packs magnets in his gentlemanly hat to farm the Infinite Mode very efficiently.
  • Duplicator — Child’s father. A phantasmal character runs with many clones he’ll switch places with after a misstep. 
  • Pastafarian — Zealous Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. His adamant faith allows him to hover across empty spaces.
  • Student — Humble and introverted scientific genius who knows that she knows nothing. Can casually reverse gravity and takes the longest to master.
  • Angel — An overly confident self-proclaimed hero who’s often rude and disdaining. Can use his wings to dash through the air.

Run 3 Tips and Tricks

  • The longer you hold, the higher you’ll jump, but you should focus more on the running part. Get comfortable with exploring and exploiting all the dimensions available. You don’t even have to jump over every gap to get across it.
  • Take your time to do the side quests! Spend the very first 2000 power cells earned to unlock the Gentleman. When you feel like practicing in the Infinite mode, use the Gentleman to farm more efficiently.
  • Every character available has a unique skill set. If you’re struggling to complete the current Level, try switching them up!

What are the controls for Run 3?

  • When playing on your PC, use the ‘left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys to move sideways. Press the ‘up’ arrow key or ‘Spacebar’ to jump.
  • When playing on your mobile device, press the left and right buttons to make the character move sideways. Make the character jump by pressing the ‘up’ arrow key.

How many levels are there in Run 3?

This amazing platform running games features up to 309 stages in the main story and an additional 58 side quests for a total of 367 levels.


  • Discover new aliens with enhanced attributes to help progress through the levels.
  • Easy and smooth controls.
  • Recommended for all age types.

Release date

March 2023


Joseph Cloutier


All devices

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