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Shell Shockers

Playing as an egg has never been more exciting as it is in Shell Shockers: the action-packed first-person shooter .io game thats all about walking on eggshells - the eggshells of your crushed enemies! Set out in an attractive cartoonish environment, the game is provides hours of egg splashing fun to anyone looking for an online challenge.

How to play Shell Shockers

Ranging over many addicting game modes such as:

  1. Free-for-all. With every egg for themselves, this may be the most competitive mode in the game
  2. Captula the Spatula. The custody of the spatula is contested by two teams. If the player holding the spatula dies, the team with the spatula loses points for kills
  3. Teams. A team deathmatch with the highest kill points group wins
  4. King of the coop. To take control of the coop, two teams engage in active combat. Each member of the winning team will receive 250 golden eggs!

Shell Shockers is, without a doubt, one of the more addicting multiplayer FPS games you can find online. With its unique setting and fun, easy-going atmosphere, the game is extremely easy to learn for anyone but hard to master.

Invite your friends to join for some additional fun and challenge, while you compete versus each other in a bid to find out who is the (egg) king of the hill!

What are the controls for Shell Shockers?

  • When playing on your desktop, use the ‘W, A, S, D’ keys to move. Press the ‘shift’ button to aim and left-click to shoot. You can also switch primary and secondary weapons by pressing ‘E’. You can use the ‘R’ key to reload and the ‘Q’ key to equip and throw grenades.
  • When playing on your mobile device, use the analog stick to move. The UI also shows buttons to shoot, aim, reload and throw grenades.


  • Various customizations and items to buy
  • Vivid and colorful cartoon-type graphics
  • Fun competitive gameplay with real time players

Release date

March 2023


Blue Wizard Digital



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