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Game Slow Roads.io preview

Slow Roads.io

Slow Roads.io

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9.7(41 votes)

Slow Roads.io

Slow Roads.io is a relaxing driving game that lets you cruise through serene landscapes on endless roads with a sports car, a futuristic bike or even a coach. It's designed to be a calming experience, free from the high-octane stress of traditional racing games, but you're free to go absolutely bonkers too if you feel like it!

How to play Slow Roads.io?

SlowRoads is a sandbox experience with no real end goal. The game features an endless road that meanders through various picturesque environments. As you drive, you will encounter different terrains and weather conditions, making each run unique.

You can adjust the scenery from beautiful mountain roads at any season from summer to midwinter, to even off-world locations such as Mars, Venus and the Moon.

What are the controls for SlowRoads.io?

The game supports three different control types:

1) Keyboard:

Move: WASD

Boost: Left Shift

Handbrake: Spacebar

Toggle handbrake: B

Autodrive: F

Reset back to road: R

Headlights: H

Steer lock (hold): V

Next / previous scene: E / Q

Change camera: C

Mute: M

Pause: P

Toggle UI: U

Toggle free camera: T

Toggle debug overlay: F3

Increase / decrease cruising speed: I / K

2) Mouse:

Forward: Left Mouse Button

Backward: Right Mouse Button

Turn: Move mouse left / right

Boost: Left Click

3) Gamepad

Click on the controls menu at the bottom right corner to adjust key bindings.


  • Endless driving experience
  • Relaxing and serene landscapes
  • Dynamic weather and changing terrains
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Customizable visual and control settings

Release date

June 2024





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