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Why spend a fortune on a game you may end up not even enjoying when there are plenty of car games to play for free, and they don’t even require installation? Browse through our vast collection featuring plenty of adrenaline-packed titles to accommodate everyone’s personal preference.

What are car games?

Having played with toy cars since we were toddlers made us all hardwired to instinctively admire and enjoy glorious machines on four wheels. Car driving games allow us to relive the thrill and feel pure joy through a much more immersive experience.

Different types of online games with cars

The very first thing that comes to mind when you think about car games is racing in exquisite supercars, but there are many different driving joys to experience and explore. Some games feature multiple game modes and allow you to try out a couple of sub-genres during a single gaming session. Let’s break down some of the most popular types of car games to play.

Arcade or racing simulator?

Arcade driving games emphasize full-throttle driving, and you don't have to be as precise with the controls as you were really driving a car. Your ride handles beautifully on the road, you cut corners with ease, and using brakes often isn't mandatory. A racing simulator, on the other hand, aims to replicate real-life handling of the car as accurately as possible and is far more demanding to master. The best games are often the ones that manage to strike a delicate balance between the two.

What are the most popular Car Games?

What are the best Car Games to play on PC?

Are these car games suitable for kids?

Absolutely! There are plenty of games that are specifically designed for kids, such as Grinch Chase SantaSmash Karts, and many others. The kart racing games are especially fun for kids since they often feature simplified driving mechanics, wacky cars, uniquely designed race tracks, and car battle elements.