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Extreme Car Drift

Extreme Car Drift is a real treat for all driving games enthusiasts, featuring gorgeous 3D open-world graphics and two different game modes. Hop in the driver’s seat of a stunning coupe, explore the thriving city at your own pace for the pure joy of the ride, or attempt to drift your way through it and earn extra cash.

How to play Extreme Car Drift

Speeding through the busy city traffic will cause accidents at some point. If you are not careful while driving, your lovely car’s body will quickly require some attention. Luckily enough, there’s a gas station in the city where you can repair your vehicle and also fill the tank with gas for just a few bucks.

After you’ve got a grasp of the physics engine and the controls, you can try out the "drift" game mode by simply clicking on it below the mini-map. This mode causes your car to behave differently on the road, making it swerve a lot more. The longer the drifts — the more money you’ll earn. You can use the hard-earned cash to customize the car’s aesthetic features but also fine-tune the suspension system to best fit your driving style. For additional immersion, switch the camera to the first-person perspective and floor it!

What are the controls for Extreme Car Drift?

Extreme Car Drift is playable on both PC and mobile devices. All the controls are easily discerned in the interface, and you can simply tap on each while playing on a smartphone or tablet. If playing in a PC browser, a mouse and a keyboard are required.

  • WASD or arrow keys — gas, brake, steer
  • F — nitro propulsion
  • C — change the camera perspective
  • G — slow motion
  • R — record gameplay


  • A thrilling 3D drifting simulation set in an urban environment
  • The car model is highly customizable in the garage
  • Two different game modes available — Simulator and Drift

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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