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House of Hazards

House of Hazards is a fun action-packed multiplayer game! Complete tasks around the house while avoiding all hazards and causing chaos for your housemates!

How to play House of Hazards?

House of Hazards is a simple multiplayer game with the main goal being fulfilling all the tasks and leaving the house by avoiding all traps in the process. They’re two modes in which you can play House of Hazards:


Play with up to four players on one device and have fun racing each other to victory. After each round, you punish one out of the four players by spinning a wheel. Whoever the wheel lands on gets to spin again to decide the punishment. The debuffs vary depending on where the wheel lands, but they can range from playing with inverted controls to having heavyweights put on you to hinder your movement speed. A fun way to play the game and stay ahead is to pick up players and drop them in spots where they’re sure to be hit by the hazards!

Time Trial

You’ll be playing just by yourself in this game mode, and you’ll be against the clock! Try your best to complete all the tasks and leave the house in the shortest time possible. For that, you’re going to have to avoid all the traps in the house and outside. It’s a fun game mode to play if you want to understand how the traps work and where they’re located. That’ll help you loads when you’re playing multiplayer mode!

What are the controls for House of Hazards?

House of Hazards is only available on desktop. As player 1, use A and D to move and avoid hazards. Press W to jump and S to duck and grab players. For player 2, the controls are the J and L keys to move and avoid hazards. And I to jump and K to duck and activate hazards. Controls for Players 3-4 require a gamepad, you’ll be using the left stick to move and the directional buttons to jump and duck.


  • Simplistic action game! The only goal in House of Hazards is to complete your required tasks and leave the house.
  • Multiplayer mode. Play with upto 4 of your friends and have a blast in multiplayer mode!
  • Time trial mode. Learn and explore the mechanics of the game in this mode and beat it in record time!

Release date

March 2023


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