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Short Life

Short Life is an entertaining and addictive action game. Complete 16 grueling levels filled with cunning traps in order to finish the game!

How to play Short Life?

Short Life is an incredibly fun game to play. You’ll need to guide your character across different levels by avoiding all cunning contraptions in your path. The game starts off easy, with little hints above traps to help the player out. Later on, it gets progressively difficult with more creative traps and physics getting involved. Some traps you’ll find are easy to avoid, simply jump across them or crouch under them. Then there are traps you’ll have to outsmart in order to survive. For example, the see-saw in Level 3 where you’re going to have to jump over the barrel to protect yourself from burning or in Level 4 when you have to use a football to blow up the mines. The traps do get more creative as you progress in the game.

You can also collect stars in Short Life to unlock new characters. These characters do not have any advantage in the gameplay except that they look cool. The stars are sometimes well hidden on the map that make it difficult to spot them. Make sure you explore every nook and cranny on the map to get all three stars in every level.

What are the controls for Short Life?

On desktops, use the arrow keys as directional controls, the right and left arrow keys to move forward and backward. The up arrow key to jump and the down arrow key to crouch.

On mobile, simply tap the right and left arrow keys to move forward and backward. Tapping on the circle will allow you to jump and tapping on the triangle enables you to crouch.


  • Short game: Short life is a short game, there are only 16 levels for the player to progress through.
  • Creative design: All the levels are uniquely built with new features and more creative traps as you complete the game!
  • Customization: Collect stars and unlock custom characters to play as!

Release date

March 2020




All devices

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