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Game Traffic Jam 3D preview

Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D

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Traffic Jam 3D

Ready to test your mettle and push the pedal to the metal? Traffic Jam 3D is here to provide that experience for free!

How to play Traffic Jam 3D?

Traffic Jam 3D is a unique racing game featuring several challenges ranging from reaching checkpoints in time, a career mode where you have a specific set of goals to achieve, and a free-roam mode to test out your spec’d-out vehicle or practice your skills! Understanding the control and the timing when to push into the shifting traffic in the road is the penultimate key to achieving these victories, as well as obtaining upgrades for your car to help that goal!

There are four game modes available to play:

1. Career – Your career combines the other modes of the game into 80 levels with varying modes to achieve, from reaching checkpoints in time, obtaining a specified number of points, overtaking cars, or reaching a specific distance within a timer. These levels are progressed by obtaining performance rating, which increases after upgrading or obtaining new cars

2. Infinite – The world is your oyster! A game mode based on your own parameters, you race in an infinite track without any particular goal and obtain trophies which accumulates after achieving several goals such as overtaking, distance traveled, and more. There’s no losing in this mode, as you obtain in-game cash for the achievements you get during this game mode!

3. Time Against – Challenge yourself by racing against a timer, achieving as much as you could within that time limit! Crashing during the race does not result in a loss immediately, but you lose time progressing if that happens!

4. Free Mode – As the name suggests, it’s a mode simply meant for one to traverse without any specified goals! You don’t earn any rewards playing in this mode, but you can use this as the means to practice for the other game modes especially after obtaining a new car or upgrades.

What are the controls for Traffic Jam 3D?

  • Use the WASD keys to move, W to Accelerate, S to Brake
  • Use Mouse to navigate the in-game menus
  • The game is not compatible on mobile


  • An extensive number of upgrades to your vehicle, encompassing from engine upgrades, handling, and even tuning your vehicle to suit your needs
  • 20 cars all available to be purchased, upgraded and tuned to further your career
  • Customizable levels for all the modes except Career, which lets you dictate the field to work with

Release date

June 2022


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