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Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour is a highway racing game featuring stunning supercars, exciting gameplay, and a couple of single-player and online multiplayer game modes. All the playable sports cars — and there are plenty of them — are created with great attention to detail, and you’ll easily recognize a couple of your all-time favorites. The customization options in the Garage are top-notch and include upgrading both your ride’s performance and appearance. All the sports cars have several mechanical components you can upgrade — corresponding to a performance stat — and each vehicle can be improved up to a model-specific cap. Thread your way through busy traffic and use the nitro boost to reach mind-blowing speeds!

How to play Traffic Tour

You can complete missions in the Career to gain more experience and level up, or start Racing Now against other petrolheads worldwide. Street Mining is actually the best game mode to begin with, as it will allow you to get a better sense of how your car performs on the road at your own pace.

It’s very important to avoid crashing whenever possible. When you’re racing against experienced drivers, this is a mistake you’ll rarely have enough time to make up for. Use the nitro boost whenever you can, as you’ll replenish the tank by overtaking NPCs. Each near miss fills up 20% of the NOS tank, so a couple of overtakes in a row can top it up completely.

What are the controls for Traffic Tour?

If you’re playing Traffic Tour on PC, use WASD or arrow keys to drive, space to use the hand brake, and shift for nitro. Mobile controls are easily discerned in the interface, and you can apply some awesome customizations in the Options->Control.


  • Online multiplayer highway racing game
  • Plenty of the all-time best supercars to enjoy
  • Realistic 3D graphics and thrilling gameplay

March 2023


Cross platform