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BitLife Life Simulator


BitLife Life Simulator

By playing BitLife Life Simulator you can steer your character from birth through to the end of their life. Let’s call him Andy. Throughout the game, you will be faced by many options to improve Andy’s life by studying hard at school, saying ‘No’ to drugs and working on his family relationships. The game keeps constant track of Andy’s statistics in happiness, health, smarts and looks, and of course the aim of BitLife Life Simulator is for your character to excel in as many areas of their life as possible.

How to play BitLife Life Simulator

Your character is born, and you have the choice to increase their age or work on health and relationships. Before you know it, your character will be in school. Each year of your character’s life, the simulator provides you with scenarios to face. Will you fight the school bully or snitch on him to a teacher? Will you apply to university or get a job? Will you buy a cozy cottage and settle down with the love of your life, or be a lifelong singleton, dedicated to your career? The key to this game is balance: try not to neglect your relationships with your family, because one day you may need them for financial help or emotional support. Try to build a decent amount of cash in the bank so that you can always afford to visit a good doctor.

What are the controls for BitLife Life Simulator?

The game is easy to navigate:

  • For PC users, use the mouse or the trackpad to point and select the options of your choice throughout the game
  • On a smartphone, tap the screen to select your life choices


  • Single player
  • Gameplay is determined by the player’s choices
  • Variety in life choices

March 2023

Moana Games

Cross platform