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Breaking the Bank

Breaking the Bank is a charming and humorous stickman puzzle game where players guide the protagonist, Henry Stickmin, in his ambitious but often comically flawed attempts to break into a bank. Your choices determine Henry's fate, leading to various outcomes, each more hilarious than the last.

How to play Breaking the Bank?

In "Breaking the Bank", your task is to help Henry Stickmin break into a bank located in a remote desert. The gameplay revolves around choosing from a set of options like Tunnel, Explosion, Lazer Drill, Wrecking Ball, Teleporter, and Disguise. Each choice triggers a unique and often unexpected sequence of events, leading to different endings. Only one option will successfully get Henry into the bank, while the others result in amusing fails.

What are the controls for Breaking the Bank?

Use the left mouse button to interact with the game and make choices.


  • Multiple choice-driven endings
  • Comical and unexpected outcomes
  • Simple point-and-click mechanics
  • Part of the larger Henry Stickmin series
  • Engaging stick figure animation and artwork

Release date

August 2008


Puffballs United


All devices

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