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Stickman Hero Fight


Stickman Hero Fight

A free-to-play fighting game, Stickman Hero Fight lets you take on different villains in spectacular ways. With excellent graphics and sound effects, this game offers interesting gameplay that has attracted many players around the globe. During each level, you must defeat several enemies, with a boss coming up every 5 levels. After every level, you can choose between treasures, coins, and power-ups. Different characters can be damaged more with a specific set of combos, and you can earn new strategies by playing the game.

How to Play Stickman Hero Fight

There are a total of three characters to choose from in Stickman Hero Fight; Diao Chan and Zhao Yun are two available characters at the start. At the same time, the third mysterious character is hidden and can be unlocked by clearing more levels. Different skills, abilities, and power-ups are available for each character to help defeat your enemies. As you progress through the levels, your skills will improve, enabling you to take down rivals more effectively.

What are the controls for Stickman Hero Fight?

The controls will differ depending on the platform on which you’re playing Stickman Hero Fight, as the game is available for both mobile devices and computer screens. The gameplay controls are displayed on the screen, and you can control your character by touching the buttons. You can move the character by dragging the finger on the touch screen and attack, jump, or use abilities with the respective taps. While on PC, the controls are the following:

  • W, A, S, D: move
  • K: jump
  • J: attack
  • L, M, O, P: different power-ups


  • Beat ‘em up with easy controls
  • Various difficulty modes to try your skills
  • Treasures and abilities are available at each level
  • Powerful magic attacks
  • Wide variety of combat skills for the 3 playable characters

March 2023


Cross platform